Mobile Billboard Advertising.

Captive Audience Advertising has a fleet of Mobile Billboard Trucks at our disposal to put your message in motion where ever it needs to go.

Mobile Billboard Advertising utilizes trucks specifically built to have a full color billboard on each side of the truck. The billboard is approximately 22' 8" wide by 10' 5" high and can be lit for night time runs as well.

The key is it's mobile.

The advantage of a mobile billboard truck is that it is mobile. As obvious as that seems, this is a much different way to advertise. If you want to promote a new bank branch opening, you can target a specific neighborhood by having us drive up and down specific streets. You can even have a truck parked at the new branch location as an attention grabber during peak drive times.

To promote a regional event you can have a truck drive down the major arteries of your local area and catch the eyes of thousands of people. The key here is find a traffic jam. The slower the traffic the more your message is read. Our trucks on the corners of major traffic arteries, during peak drive times, capture the maximum attention.

Flexibility is Powerful.

This flexibility is rather powerful for an advertiser. You can take advantage of using the same message and medium and put it in very specific locations to meet your specific advertising needs. There is no other advertising medium that can offer you the same advantages.

Specific Case Example:

  • You have a new bank branch opening in a growing population center.

  • In the morning you can have a truck drive around the region in the major traffic arteries during peak drive times.

  • At noon you could have the same truck park at your new location to be the ultimate eye catcher as customers drive by on their way to lunch.

  • In the afternoon you could use the truck as backdrop for a photo press release.

  • Finally at night, as people drive home from work, you can have the truck drive up and down the specific streets of the the neighborhood your new bank branch will serve.

The opportunities are endless.
The opportunities are MOBILE!

Major benefits of Mobile Billboard Advertising:

Cost Efficient.
Your advertising dollar buys greater coverage compared to main stream outdoor media.

Reach More Prospects.
With the population expanding and urban sprawl increasing, there are more and more vehicles on the road to see your message.

Maximum Exposure.
Your message cannot be turned off. As more and more advertising venues appear, your message must fight for view time–Mobile Billboards capture the attention of your prospects. Let’s face it…you remember when a billboard drives past you!

Consistent Exposure.
As your message is driven right where your prospects live, work and play you can expect to obtain over 10,000 impressions per hour per billboard.

Above are some examples of
Mobile Billboards in action.

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