Gas Pump Billboard Advertising.

Captive Audience Advertising
works with local, regional and national gas stations to bring you, the advertiser, an unparalleled opportunity to advertise your product or service. Captive Audience Advertising can offer you an advertising medium that can reach a very selective demographic from a single neighborhood to a multi-state region.

Gas Pump Billboard Advertising utilizes multiple sized frames called “toppers” which sit on top of gas pumps at gas stations. These toppers allow for advertising messages to be seen on both sides of a gas pump while gas station patrons fuel up their vehicles.

Gas stations are located in every community and all across the nation. Our primary market is the Midwestern United States. Our home state is Michigan and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula but our coverage also reaches into Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio. Combined with our partners we are also able to offer cover in the rest of the United States.

Gas Pump Billboard Advertising is a 24 hour medium that is available night or day as long as a fueling facility is open for business. There are also no seasonal limits or weather concerns that detract from your advertising message.

Let’s face it.

Nearly everyone you know stops at a gas station for one reason or another. Millions of cars are on the road everyday. All of these vehicles require fuel to operate and there is only one place they can find that fuel…a gas station.

The beauty of Gas Pump Billboard Advertising is that you have the captive attention of gas station patrons for 3-5 minutes. Not many advertising mediums can offer you the same benefit.

Highway billboards are seen at an average of 55 Mph for only a few seconds. Newspaper and magazine ads are seen as long as it takes a person to turn a page. Television commercials are normally an excuse to flip channels or refill your drink. But Gas Pump Billboard Advertising is a medium that gives a person something to do while they wait. They are there to refuel their vehicle and have nothing better to do than look at your ad.

You have read the ads above gas pumps and you know others will too. Put our Gas Pump Billboard Advertising to work for you!

Cut Through the Clutter.

The is so much visual clutter in our society today that you need to find an alternative and interesting way to capture your audiences attention. Traditional methods of advertising are obviously proven and have their place but are far too often taken for grated and ignored as everyday static in the background of our lives.

Gas Pump Billboard Advertising offers a fresh and new medium to get the attention you deserve.

Gas Pump Billboard Advertising is an Alternative Advertising medium that uses non-traditional ways to promote your product or service. As thousands of motorist fuel their vehicles every day they only have two choices, either stare at the numbers slowly adding up your fuel bill or look at the colorful advertisement atop the pump.

Advantages of Gas Pump Billboard Advertising.

Ads Are Seen.
The average fill up takes three to five minutes and you ad is right in front of your prospect.

Target Specific Groups.
Everyone buys gas. Put your message right where your prospects live, work, and play. They can be placed locally, regionally and nationally.

Capture Short Attention Spans.

Reach prospects who flip channels during T.V. or Radio ads and seldom read local newspapers.

High Traffic.

The average re-fueling station is visited by 27,750 people per month.

Above are some examples of
Gas Pump Billboards.

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Why Use Gas Pump Billboards?

GPBA Level One Pricing.
GPBA Level Two Pricing.

GPBA Pricing by Station Level One.
GPBA Pricing by Station Level Two.

GPBA Art Work Guidelines

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