Alternative Advertising.

Alternative Advertising is a term that describes non-traditional mediums for advertisers to promote their product or services. Traditional advertising mediums include such things as newspapers, magazines, television, radio, highway billboards, and direct mail. Non-traditional advertising would include gas pump billboard advertising, mobile billboard advertising, indoor ambient advertising, and specialty venue advertising. These non-traditional mediums are able to reach much more focused audiences and often capture their attention much longer than traditional methods. Some example of indoor-ambient advertising are restroom billboards, elevator billboards, and backlit signs in malls or airports. Examples of specialty venue advertising would be dasher boards or wall posters at sporting complexes, sponsor signs on golf course tees, wall signs at bank ATM machines, etc.

Alternative Advertising is not meant to replace or negate traditional advertising venues. It is rather a comprehensive way to complement traditional methods and give a broader more bang-for-your-buck campaign that gets the most attention.

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